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Roof Rot Will Surely Reduce The Life Of Your Roof

Roof Rot Will Surely Reduce The Life Of Your Roof Saturday, August 07, 2021

Roof Rot Will Surely Reduce The Life Of Your Roof

Roof rot, also known as dry rot, can create all sorts of problems on your roof. It only takes a small amount of moisture to fester in order for an area of your roof to break down and rot. That is why it is so important to understand what issues can lead to roof rot. If you notice issues such as leaks, mold, or moss, it is very important to contact a professional to fix the issue promptly to avoid roof rot and extensive damage!

Roof rot can be caused by undetected leaks, mold, damaged flashing, and more.

Roof leak due to rotting roof near Winter Haven, FL.

A lot of different things can cause your roof to lose its quality over the years. When small problems go unchecked, serious issues like roof rot can develop. If you notice the signs of any of the below issues, be sure to contact a professional right away. Leaving these issues unattended will lead to additional problems like roof rot and therefore will cost you more money down the road.

Leaks -Undetected leaks may linger a long time before you ever notice them, and by then, it may be too late. Even the tiniest leaks can become big issues. Trapped water is a breeding ground for rot. When moisture gets trapped between the roofing materials, it will ruin the wood sheathing, which is the base layer of your roof.

Moss and mold - Fungi can cause the movement or shift of shingles and allow a gap to form. Water can easily get in between any gaps in weak shingles and lead to mold and other issues. In some cases, moss can be an indicator that your roof may be rotting.

Loss of shingle texture - Asphalt shingles have a gritty texture to them and they are the roof's first line of defense against rot caused by sun damage. If you see this grit gathering in your gutters or downspouts, it is a sign that you may have weakening shingles.

Damaged flashing - The metal that is installed around the chimney and the cross-sections of your roof are called flashing strips. They are non-corrosive and serve to bridge the gap between your shingles and the sharp edges of your chimneys. Flashing aids in proper drainage by directing the water away from your roof. Any piece that goes missing or develops a crack can contribute to leaks and rot. Missing or damaged flashing could even potentially cause structural issues in your roof, especially if the damage is around your chimney.

Uneven roof deck - The roof deck is the layer that everything else is built on. It lies between the plywood and shingles. A sturdy roof deck will hold your roof together and allow it to handle any weather conditions with ease. An uneven roof deck can quickly cause problems like rot, as water can collect in any uneven or misshapen part of your roof.

The most effective way to prevent roof rot is to have a qualified roofer run an inspection each year to catch and promptly fix any issues.

Our experts can identify and fix roof damage. Schedule your roof inspection with us today!

Anyone can spot a loose shingle, but it can be difficult for the untrained eye to notice certain types of roof damage. At True Roofers, our experts can help stop roof damage in its tracks. Our thorough annual roof inspections help you stay proactive by detecting issues before they cause more damage. If you need roof inspection services in Wesley Chapel, Plant City, Lakeland, or a neighboring area in Florida, give us a call today at 863-800-1800 to schedule your roof inspection.

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