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How to Speak Roof - Terms To Know When Working With A Roofing Co

How to Speak Roof - Terms To Know When Working With A Roofing Co Monday, May 10, 2021

How to Speak Roof - Terms To Know When Working With A Roofing Co

Everyone faces difficulties when dealing with unfamiliar technical jargon, including roofing terms. However, by learning the definition of a few basic words, you can sound like a roofing expert the next time you need a roof repair!

Whenever you interact with one of our roofing specialists at True Roofers, converse with confidence regarding our roof repair services in Wesley Chapel, Plant City, Lakeland, and nearby Florida areas.


Flashing refers to a thin sheet of galvanized steel or other metal that directs rainwater and runoff away from key parts of the roof. It prevents leakage at the points where the roof meets a vertical surface. Roofers often install flashing on chimneys, vents, and skylights. Darkening or bending of shingles represents a clear sign of a damaged roof flashing.


Fascia means a long, horizontal, wooden board attached to the edge of a roof. It usually sits just below the roof’s rain gutters and provides attachment points for gutters and drain pipes. It also adds a finished look to the house. Peeling paint serves as an indication of a damaged fascia.


The “hip” is a common roofing term for the side connection between two separate roof slopes. It runs from the top ridge to the eaves. Hip roofs often require additional shingles to protect the long, angled connection.


Valley refers to the area where the slopes of the roof meet to form a V-shaped angle for water to run off. Roof valleys usually consist of concrete, lead, or fiberglass. However, aluminum has become quite popular as an alternative material for valleys.


The ridge represents the horizontal line running across the entire top of the roof, where two roof planes meet. The convergence point of the roofs also creates the highest point, often referred to as the peak.


A gable remains a very common roofing term and creates a decorative flair to homes with roofs that slope in opposite directions. It forms a triangle at the top of a home’s sidewall, where it joins the end of a roof’s ridge.

Frieze Board

A frieze board sits at the top of a home’s siding and creates a transition either between the soffit and the siding or between two different sidings. Together with the soffit, it forms a corner under the eaves.


A soffit refers to the decorative underside of an eave to give it a finished appearance. A soffit can serve as the bottom of a balcony, an arch, or overhanging eaves of a roof. It protects the rafters from the elements while adding to the aesthetic appeal of the house. Soffits can suffer damage from sun and rain and need replacing to prevent them from crumbling.

Drip Edge

Drip edges sit at the edge of the roof and form an L shape to direct rainwater away from the fascia. They also protect the underlying components of the roof and have small, flat metal rims bent to face away from the fascia. The presence of rust is a sure indication of a need for replacement.


Roof decking represents the foundation of a roof made from steel, wood, concrete, or other material. It covers the spaces between the trusses and joints of a roof. Holes, mildew, sagging, and buckling shingles serve as clear signs of a damaged roof decking.


Trusses result from centuries of engineering to support and supplement the rafters of a home. Once erected, homeowners should not alter their trusses because they bear much of the roof’s weight.

If you are located in Wesley Chapel, Plant City, Lakeland, or nearby Florida areas.

If you need a roof repair and you are located in Wesley Chapel, Plant City, Lakeland , FL or neighboring areas, call True Roofers at 863-800-1800 to schedule a consultation. If you demonstrate some of the new words you’ve learned while on the phone with us, we’ll be impressed that you speak our language!

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