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How High Winds Can Damage Your Roof in Central Florida

How High Winds Can Damage Your Roof in Central Florida Wednesday, December 02, 2020

How High Winds Can Damage Your Roof in Central Florida

Keeping your roof in tip-top shape is vital for the overall safety of your home and family. Roofs can be damaged in many ways, and we often think of storms, rain, and hail. Wind, however, can be just as damaging, and it’s something we experience frequently in Wesley Chapel, Plant City, Lakeland and surrounding central Florida areas.

Learn how wind can damage your roof in areas such as Lakeland, Winter Haven, Plant City, and nearby communities in central Florida.

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High winds can blow shingles off the roof.

High winds can easily blow shingles off your roof, leaving you with a few gaps and missing shingles. A missing shingle here or there may sound like a small issue not worth calling about, but shingles are there for a reason. They are a part of your integrated roofing system.

When shingles blow off your roof, they leave your roof open to additional damage. Rain can seep in and create further damage. The longer you wait and the more damage the roof encounters can cause interior damage to escalate quickly.

Wind damage to shingles on a home's roof in Wesley Chapel, FL.

That all being said, a couple of missing shingles doesn't mean you need a new roof. Replacing shingles, provided there isn’t more extensive damage underneath, is a straightforward process. Be sure to have our professionals make repairs quickly before the problem gets worse.

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High winds mean airborne debris and roof punctures.

High winds, and especially hurricane-force gales, can pick up various kinds of debris, such as branches from nearby trees. Flying debris can cause holes and chips in the shingles. This is the most common damage, but missing shingles and holes in your roof are also possible.

Punctured roof from wind knocking a tree into a home near Wesley Chapel, FL.

Even if the shingle only has some chipping and minor breakage, it’s important to get the damaged shingle fixed quickly. Chipped or broken shingles are vulnerable to taking on even more damage and can lead to leaks. Damage due to debris may go beyond the surface, and our roofing experts are trained and experienced in assessing any damage your roof has sustained. We look for signs of internal damage so that all roof layers are secure.

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Even flashing and gutters can sustain damage.

Flashing is a critical part of the roof that creates boundaries between the roof and the vertical sides of your building, like vents and dormers. High winds can separate flashing from the roof and the chimney, creating spaces that can fill with water during the next storm.

Your gutters can also be knocked loose by wind and debris, which can cause several issues. Loose gutters can be hazardous when you stand below it, as the gutter is at risk for falling. Loose gutters can also lead to improper runoff, which can cause water damage to your roof and the foundation of your home.

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Has wind caused damage to your home or business? Don’t delay on repairs. Call us today.

High winds are not uncommon in Central Florida, and roof damage, when combined with heavy rain, can lead to major structural issues down the road. Waiting until a roof problem gets worse can lead to more extensive and more expensive repairs, and taking the DIY approach is a risk to your health and safety. Call the professionals at True Roofers today at 863-800-1800 to schedule service.

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